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Benefits of Celery Juice on an Empty Stomach

Actualizado: 14 dic 2020

Well... there are so many benefits to this drink that they wouldn't fit in one page... or rather nobody would read it all... lol.

So let's summarize the benefits that, although it may seem like a joke, in my opinion it almost can make miracles!!

▶️ Purifies and gets rid of toxins. ▶️ Reduces heartburn. ▶️ Reduces inflammation, improve gastric mucosa and reduce the risks of gastric ulcer. ▶️ It's alkaline, which means that it hels purifying blood. ▶️ Mobilize liver and intestines, which will make it easier for you to go to the bathroom avoiding fat and other substances accumulation 💩🙊. ▶️ Reduces high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

▶️ Prevents urinary track infections due to its detoxifying power. ▶️ Helps regulate blood sugar levels. ▶️ Helps fight Eczema & Psoriasis. ▶️ Protects the liver.

How to prepare❓

If you have a juice processor, it's super easy! Just do it as you would do any other juice and drink a glass every morning before any meal, then wait at least 30 minutes before eating.

If you do not have a juice processor, don't worry! 😉 You can do it in a blender, just put the celery and some water inside and drink it!

Try it!

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